Wednesday Jan 4, 2012

Foot Print Cave

What a spectacular view on the way to Foot Print Cave!  The bus ride to our fantastic exploration to the ancient cave was awesome and thrilling. We went tubing down a river into the cave and saw artifacts left by the Mayans. –Kara & Kim

Medicinal Plant Trail

What a tasteful afternoon on the Medicinal Plant trail.  In addition to learning what plants are used to treat aliments from toothaches to high blood pressure, we had the opportunity to stimulate all of our taste buds with trying a variety of different species.  Extending from chewing on minty termites to a bitter tree stem, everything was new, exciting and interesting! We are looking forward to trying more new and outrageous native species.  –Alyssa, Katy, & Misty

Willy Wonka

 The Foot Print Cave in Belize was an amazing adventure: we tubed down a river to reach the cave, crawled around because the ceiling was low in places, saw fruit and insect bats hanging, and beautiful crystal covered walls. The stalactite formations drip down from the top. Other formations just flow. One particular formation (a stalagmite) was a caramel covered marshmallow wonder. It appears that Willy Wonka really does exist – and he lives in a cave in Belize!!  –  Autumn & Monica

Mayan Artifacts

In the Foot Print Cave after crawling over some very dangerous rock formations we stumbled upon a piece of history: the Mayan pottery shells which had been there so long they had started to become part of the cave. They had been used in ceremonies from hundreds of years ago, as the cave we were in represented the Mayan underworld. It’s about as close as you can get to the ancient Mayan practices in our time period. – Lance & Justin

Tube for river rafting

Cohune Nut

Tasting cohune nut

Cebia Tree

Mayan Artifacts

Tasting termites

The "marshmallow"

Mouth full of termites


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