Thursday Jan 5, 2012

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Man, so what did we do today? I feel like it was something of some sort of importance. O yea, now I remember, we only ventured to the heart of Mayan civilization in Tikal, Guatemala, no big deal. There were dangers along the journey such as spider monkeys (I don’t know why they call them spider monkeys, I mean come on, they don’t even have eight legs), deadly tarantulas, about a mile long of leaf-cutting ants, all in their natural habitat, making an already promising journey even more thrilling. As we finally made it to the top of the four individual temples within the city, we received a small, yet riveting glimpse of what Mayan civilization looked like, a civilization that reaches back thousands of years. -Lance and Justin

View from Temple IV

Tikal was a breath taking experience to which pictures unfortunately do no justice to the actual experience. It was fun to see the leaf-cutter ants marching diligently along the trails and watching the howler monkeys interact with each other and seeing them respond to passersby. We saw a tarantula the size of an adult’s hand, which was scary enough to see and touch, let alone let crawl on your arm. The highest point of all was the challenge of walking up Temple 4. The rewarding view was looking over top of the trees and seeing the remaining temples within the forest. -Autumn & Monica

I can’t believe I did this! Usually a small spider less than a centimeter big is enough to scare me away but not this tarantula. With my classmates encouragement, I decided to hold it and allow it to climb up my arm. Frozen in disbelief, I did not move a muscle. This was quite an experience that I will never forget!- Misty

Concurring Fear of Spiders

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