Zip Line Day 1 Jan 3rd

On our first day in Belize, spur of the moment, we decided to go zip lining in the forest. When we first arrived, all of the staff were very friendly and helped all of us get our gear on. Then we made our way through the forest to our first zip line. The view while we were flying through the air was absolutely amazing. Everything was so beautiful and so different from anything that is in the U.S. Our guides that took us through the forest to our next lines were so friendly, and they taught us a lot about what things grow there, and what the uses are for them. One of our guides named Glen would always be the first to go down the zip line and he would make jokes before he went down which everyone thought was very funny. Overall, the day could not have been better! So excited for the rest of our trip!



Getting “hooked’ on zip line

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